How do you pronounce it??

Acacia “a-kay-sha” Marquees


We’re constantly being asked how we came up with the name Acacia Marquees and what it stands for, therefore the following page is dedicated to giving you a little more information about how the company was named, formed and what our values are.

In 2010, we were fortunate enough to experience the holiday of a lifetime, a four week trip to Tanzania and of course Safari in the Serengeti. At this point the marquee business was just a distant dream and something I thought would never become a reality, but not only did this experience provide the name of the business but it also inspired me to set in motion everything that Acacia Marquees has achieved to date.

We had a five day excursion into the Serengeti with only our guide for company. On the second day the temperature was around 40 degrees with unbearable humidity and therefore we decided to seek shelter to eat our packed lunch. Our guide told us that there was only one natural shelter for miles and was the only place we could find shade. On our approach, it was amazing to see so many different species of animal all congregating in and around the huge Acacia tree and watering hole with the same intention as us. 

We stopped to watch the Zebra, Buffalo and a variety of colourful birds all gathering around the only natural shelter in the area. The trees provided a safe and vital habitat for all of the animals to escape the severe midday sun. It was an extraordinary sight, not only to see these animals in their natural habitat but also because they weren’t phased by our presence, excepting the fact that we too needed shade from the sun. Throughout our trip, we saw a variety of species all seeking shelter under the acacia tree, from a pride of lions relaxing after their morning feed to a female gazelle tending to her new born fawn. 

The Acacia tree and therefore the name represents a natural canopy and essential shelter that everyone can enjoy. As a family run business we can ensure our clients receive a dedicated and personal experience that can satisfy their own requirements when choosing to host an event. We are giving you your own personal space to entertain friends and family in the comfort of your own specially chosen surroundings.

Marquee hire specialising in weddings, garden parties, festivals and corporate events throughout Powys, Herefordshire and South Wales

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