Marquee hire prices

Marquee hire prices can vary enormously as there are many factors to be taken into consideration for each and every event here in Powys. These can include the type of event, size, location and style. The easiest way to get an exact price for marquee hire, wedding marquee hire and additional equipment is to contact us, we would be more than happy to provide you with a fully itemised breakdown of costs.

In the meantime, we have broken down some of our more popular marquee events for you. This will give you a better understanding into what equipment is required as well as an estimated cost per event.

Wedding Marquee Prices

Typically, the size of a wedding marquee usually accommodates between 100 and 250 guests. 

It's important to remember that it's not just about allocating space for your guests, but also the additional services required to complete the occasion. Remember to allow space (or additional marquee's) for the caterers, bar area, DJ, Band and reception area.

As a starting point, all respectable marquee quotes should include:

The marquee







Catering and Bar Area

Depending on the finish, you should expect to budget between £20 - £50 per seated guest for a wedding marquee. Therefore...

100 seated guests from   = £2000.00

150 seated guests from   = £3000.00

200 seated guests from   = £4000.00

Party Marquee Prices

Unfortunately, the unpredictable British weather can never guarantee bright and hot sunny days which is why having a small garden marquee is the perfect way to ensure your party can go ahead no matter what the weather.

Having a garden marquee will define the parameters of your event, store and prepare food and drink as well as provide a relaxing setting to entertain at your leisure.

Our marquee's and indeed our marquee hire prices are versatile. The fact that the walls and windows can be opened up depending on the layout and weather outside as well as the option to customise the entire marquee. We will be happy to talk through any ideas and  help with organising your event to ensure your party really does go off with a bang.

Party marquees range in size and styles, however as a guide, a party marquee to include:

Marquee hire,

Coir matting




Party Marquees from=£595.00
Corporate Marquee Prices

Style and image are the main words mentioned when we're asked about corporate events. We understand the importance of portraying the right impression to clients, investors, colleagues and competitors and therefore will work with you to ensure all of your requirements and expectations are fulfilled.

Marquee hire prices for corporate events can vary enormously depending on the style and finish of the marquee, equipment and additional services, therefore we are happy to work within budget requirements and advise on the most time and cost effective way of hosting your event.

Marquee hire specialising in weddings, garden parties, festivals and corporate events throughout Powys, Herefordshire and South Wales

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