Our distressed ivory chandeliers are a striking and elegant edition to any marquee. All of our chandeliers are supplied with inline dimmer switches so once the party gets underway, you can dim the light to create the perfect atmosphere.



LED Uplighters


LED up lighters are the perfect additions to inject colour into the marquee without having to have a dedicated colour scheme throughout the day.


Up lighters can be positioned anywhere around the marquee however they do look particularly effective behind drapes or wall linings. 


There are a variety of preset colours available or we can code the up lighters with your own particular colour.


As well as the more vibrant Blues, reds and greens, we can also create more subtle pastel shades to really give the marquee presence when the sun goes down.

LED Colour-washing


Very similar to the way in which the uplighters work, however these units are suspended out of sight behind the roof linings.


The light then colour-washes the entire roof illuminating the area from the top down.


Both uplighters and colour washing have number of options available, which include:


  • Static colour

  • Sound activated (change colour to the beat of the music)

  • Spectrum - Gently changes colour (rainbow effect)

  • Strobe


The lighting options within the marquee will define the atmosphere for the entire day. The stylish ivory chandeliers are only the beginning for what is possible. We have a variety of LED lighting for hire which will transform the area to create the ambience you desire.

Lighting Options

Starlighting / Starcloth


A very popular choice for any marquee, the black starlighting looks at home in any party atmosphere and automatically defines the dance area.


The LED lights have various settings which allow them to twinkle and sparkle as if you were dancing under neither the night's sky.



Fairy lighting canopy


Similar to the star lighting, the fairy light canopy is an increasingly popular option. The density of lights can be altered to achieve the desire effect.


The beauty of this addition is that you can still include the LED colourwashing effect to change the background colour of the linings.



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